Luis D. Ortiz decided to leave "Million Dollar Listing New York" behind last year, as he didn't think that real-estate was his true passion. The announcement was made during the season finale and fans were shocked and surprised to learn that he had made his decision because he didn't feel that he wanted to be on the show anymore. His co-stars, Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant, were surprised because they knew how big of an opportunity the show was for them. They knew that the show helped them get new clients and get more exposure on television, which resulted in them making lots of money.

But for Luis D. Ortiz, fame and money were not necessarily linked to happiness and success. On a whim, Ortiz decided that he wanted to move to Paris, France despite never having been there. He wanted to do something crazy and just wanted to see if this would solve his problem of being unhappy.

A personal journey

On his Instagram page, Luis has opened up about what it is like to live overseas and he has been preaching about being happy for a while. But when Luis decided to return for a few scenes on "Million Dollar Listing New York" this past season, his friends Ryan and Fredrik asked if he had found the happiness he was so desperately seeking.

He essentially broke down in tears, explaining that he was nowhere near happy and that it had been devastating for him to realize that what he was pursuing was not what he wanted.

Back to New York?

His friends joked that he could always return to real estate. Serhant and Fredrik seemed excited about the thought that Luis could possibly return to New York City, and the episode eventually ended without a true answer. Could Luis really be returning to real estate in Manhattan? And with his return, would he then go back to filming "Million Dollar Listing New York?" On Instagram, Ryan seemed excited to reconnect with his former co-star.

"And LUIS! My boy! I miss you! Loved seeing you again in person and loved re-watching us tonight. You have a passion for life that I will forever envy. And you're still on your journey! And if the journey didn't have ups and downs, it wouldn't be fun! How awful would a roller coaster be if it just went up?" he wrote on Instagram.

Since his departure last year, Luis has been replaced by real estate agent, Steve Gold. Gold has been in the real estate industry for over 10 years and he is a close friend to Fredrik. Luis may need to share the spotlight with Steve if he returned to the show.

What do you think about Luis D. Ortiz possibly returning to the show next season? Do you think he could be a great addition to the cast now that Steve Gold is also filming the show?