Lauren Bushell has taken to social media to announce that she is now seeing Devin Antin. The star was previously connected with Ben Higgens from "The Bachelor" and the couple was previously engaged. However, Lauren has expressed that they are both friendly with one another and that there are no hard feelings about their breakup.

The star made the announcement through social media

According to the Daily Mail, Lauren Bushnell has confirmed that she is in a relationship with her new boyfriend Devin Anton. The star took to social media to make the announcement and posted a photograph of herself and Devin to her Instagram account.

The photograph shows the pair with Devin's arm wrapped around Lauren's waist.

In a report by US weekly, there has been speculation that the couple has been dating for a few months now but Lauren has only recently confirmed that they are officially dating. A source has told US Weekly that they have been seeing each other for some time now and that Lauren Bushnell has even gone to a Golden State game with Devin's sisters.

Lauren Bushnell was previously engaged to Ben Higgens who starred in "The Bachelor" and their engagement lasted long enough for them to star in a spin off series which was titled "Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After." Ben has made a statement about how he should feel happy for Lauren and that he wishes her all the best in her new relationship.

Bushell has opened up about how happy she is now

According to Entertainment, Lauren Bushell has recently opened up about how difficult the split from Ben Higgen's was or her and that she felt extremely lonely during that time. She stated that she does not think that she would have been able to get through the breakup if it was not for her friends and her family but has stated that she is extremely happy now.

Lauren has stated that she is very happy now and that she has nothing negative to say about her ex-finacé Ben Higgens. She claims that they still check in with one another every now and again and that they are hoping to remain on friendly terms with one another. It appears that the couple still love and respect one another and Lauren has stated that there was nothing wrong with either of them but that their pairing was not suited to marriage.

Bushell has also stated that she has hopes to get more involved in business and has expressed her interest in fashion. She has explained that she is launching a rosé and is getting help from her new boyfriend Devin Antin.

Ben appears to be very happy that Lauren has found someone new in her life and is not bitter in the slightest.