Although "The Bachelor" star Ben Higgins and his fiancee Lauren Bushnell have yet to issue a formal breakup statement, fans may want to prepare for disappointment. Just two months after Freeform aired the finale of "ben and lauren: Happily Ever After," the couple is dropping major hints that they have split.

Ben wasn't on board with getting married so soon after they got engaged on "The Bachelor," but during "Happy Ever After" he finally agreed to proceed with wedding plans after some serious conversations with a Lauren, who wanted to get married as soon as possible.

Now Lauren is making it clear that she's no longer a "fiancee," removing that line from her Instagram bio, traveling and partying with her friends, and posting videos that clearly show she is no longer wearing her gigantic diamond engagement ring. And Ben? He didn't celebrate with Lauren during her birthday weekend getaway and he's not with her on her current trip to a tropical getaway.

Reality Steve says 'something's up'

Blogger Reality Steve commented about Ben and Lauren's relationship on Wednesday, stating in his blog that the changes in the couple's social media — including Lauren removing the word "fiancee" from her Instagram bio — makes a strong case that "something is up."

"Lauren took a girls trip to Nashville.

No Ben," Steve writes. "She has another girls trip this weekend. No Ben. Ben hasn’t posted on IG in over a week. Lauren did an IG story the other night without her wedding ring on that she clearly wasn’t trying to hide. And last night, her IG profile changed from having the word “fiance” in it, to just having her business contact info.

Add it all up, and sure, you can make a strong case that something is up."

What happened to Ben and Lauren?

Many couples from the franchise release a joint breakup statement to the media when they split, but that doesn't always happen. When "Bachelor in Paradise" stars Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton broke up, they waited weeks to address rumors about their relationship and, in early January, issued separate statements about their failed engagement.

Whether Ben and Lauren have ended their relationship is still unknown, but it appears that Lauren is trying to prepare fans for the big news. Ben has not appeared with Lauren in a video or photo in weeks, but he has been live tweeting about Nick Viall's season of the "The Bachelor."

Perhaps they are just enjoying time with friends, but when couples from the "The Bachelor" franchise don't appear together for a length of time and make obvious changes to their social media, it's a major red flag that a breakup announcement is forthcoming.

Do you think Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell have split?