It's no secret that comedian Bill Maher is not a fan of Donald Trump. While Maher often gives his thoughts on the president during his HBO show, he decided to appear on CNN to elaborate further in a more serious manner.

Maher on Trump

When Donald Trump first kicked off his campaign for president back in June 2015, he instantly attracted negative attention with his controversial comments about illegal immigrants from Mexico being "murderers" and "rapists." As the months rolled on, Trump went on to be accused of racism and other forms of prejudice in response to his rhetoric and policy proposals that many believe were targeted towards minorities.

Since his election, Trump has put forward policies that have created tension and controversy around the country, ranging from his travel ban, to his immigration and health care bills, in addition to his questionable decisions on foreign policy, which include his recent threat against North Korea. These issues and more were discussed when Bill Maher joined CNN host Fareed Zakaria on August 13.

(Maher's dictator comments start at 4:10 in the above video.)

Sitting down with Fareed Zakaria over the weekend for a two-part interview was Bill Maher, host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher." The comedian and noted atheist has long been opposed to Donald Trump, which he makes a point to cover on a weekly basis.

During his interview with Zakaria, Maher explained that the billionaire real estate mogul wants to become an actual dictator.

"He totally wants to be a dictator," Bill Maher said, before adding, "it's so obvious." "The people he admires in the world, Putin, even Kim Jong-Un he said is a smart cookie," Maher continued.

Bill Maher then went on to explain that Donald Trump was all about making excuses, first claiming the system was rigged when he thought he would lose the election, to changing his tune after he became the president.

"Once somebody like that gets power, I don't know if you get them to give it up,” Maher went on to say. "Nor do I trust voting next time," the "Real Time" host continued. "This is an ongoing problem. this isn’t something that happened once," he said, before predicting, "they're going the do it again."

Next up

While Bill Maher and others continue to rip into Donald Trump, often fact-checking and debunking many of his questionable statements, the president still has over three years left in the White House. While it's unknown how the rest of his time in office will play out, Trump is currently sitting on an approval ratting of just 35 percent, according to the most recent round of polling.