Celebrity Kylie Jenner recently celebrated her twentieth birthday with her friends, family and her current boyfriend Travis Scott. Scott treated Kylie to several presents on her special day but the most memorable gift was the $60,000 butterfly necklace that he had hand made for his girlfriend.

Scott treated his girlfriend to a $60,000 necklace

According to the Daily Mail, Kylie Jenner recently celebrated her twentieth birthday and received a $60,000 necklace from her current boyfriend Travis Scott. This was not the only gift that Scott gifted Kylie with but it is the most expensive as he had the necklace specially made.

The necklace includes a jewel-encrusted butterfly, which is surrounded by diamonds and could not be a more lavish gift for Kylie Jenner to have received.

The necklace was a nod to Travis Scott's song that he released last year in 2016, which was titled "Butterfly Effect." Apparently, the singer waited until the last minute to present Kylie with the beautiful necklace as he only contacted the jeweler two-weeks before Kylie's birthday. However, the necklace was definitely worth the wait and it has been confirmed that it is worth 28 karats of VVS diamonds.

The jeweler who made the piece was Elliot Avianne and he certainly did great work especially working with a deadline of only two short weeks.

The butterfly itself has blue wings with black dots that spread out into diamonds. The black of the butterfly's body and antennae can be seen against the diamonds and more diamond-inlaid butterflies are located halfway along the chain.

Scott Travis had another surprise planned for Kylie Jenner

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Travis Scott also took some inspiration from Kanye West and had a live orchestra set up for Kylie for her birthday.

This was identical to the set up that Kanye West used to celebrate his wife Kim Kardashian on mother’s day. However, Travis also showed celebrity Kylie Jenner that he also could be low key as the pair went on a double date with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson to the movies.

Meanwhile, other than receiving lavish gifts Kylie Jenner has been hard at work on her new reality TV series titled "Life Of Kylie." The series’ first premiered a few weeks ago and fans are eagerly awaiting the next episode.

There have been rumors that the show was a major flop and that the producers have had to go back and fix it though this has not been officially confirmed.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner appear to love one another very much and Scott wanted to make sure that Kylie got everything that she wanted for her birthday.