Lady Gaga is a close friend with fellow singer Kesha and has recently been subpoenaed for court. The subpoena came from representatives of Dr. Luke as they claimed that Gaga has evidence that will prove Kesha has been spreading lies about their client.

They also claimed that Lady Gaga has refused to give them a deposition date and believe that this is affecting the Case. Gaga's legal team has fought back on behalf of the celebrity.

Gaga was subpoenaed due to relevant information about the case

According to LA Times, Lady Gaga has been subpoenaed on the defamation trial between Kesha and Dr.

Luke. The celebrity has been deposed due to relevant conversations the star has had with Kesha about Dr. Luke. Dr. Luke's lawyers have claimed that Kesha has been making false statements about her former producer and that Gaga has this evidence on her.

Luke's representatives made a statement in which they claimed Gaga has necessary evidence, in the form of texts, that is required for the trial. His lawyers have claimed that Gaga refused to give a date that she was available to provide this evidence. Gaga's legal team reacted to this claim by stating that Luke's lawyers were simply trying to shift the attention of the court case by involving another A-List celebrity.

The stars legal team has released a statement

According to TV Line, Lady Gaga's legal team is pushing back against her subpoena in the defamation trial of Kesha and Dr. Luke. The celebrity’s legal team has released a statement about the subpoena. When speaking with Variety magazine a representative of Gaga stated that their client would not be present in court.

Lady Gaga was subpoenaed based off texts that she exchanged with fellow artist Kesha. The celebrity has provided her legal team with all of the necessary documentation that is required in court. The stars legal team believe that Dr. Luke is trying to manipulate the truth and exaggerate the role that their client plays in the trial.

Lady Gaga has not made a comment herself, however, the star has shown great support of Kesha in the past. One can only assume that she will continue to do so with even more vigor as she gets pulled further into the defamation trial.

According to Digital Spy, recent court documents have surfaced about the defamation trial and have stated that even more celebrities will be subpoenaed. Both Kesha and Luke's legal teams are asking various celebrities to come and speak on behalf of their client and provide evidence, which may turn the case.