Throughout the years, Harry Styles has been linked to several women including Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift and now Camille Rowe. It was recently revealed that Harry and Camille are seeing each other and that their relationship is still in its early stages. Fans of the singer have been freaking out as there is still an air of uncertainty around the claim. However, Harry Styles friend Nick Grimshaw has hinted that the pair is in fact dating.

The relationship is still in its early stages

According to the Daily Mail, Harry Styles is officially dating Victoria's secret model Camille Rowe.

This is the third Victoria's secret model romance that the singer has been involved in. Harry Styles has previously dated Victoria Secret models Sara Sampaio and Nadine Leopold.

The couple's relationship is still in its early stages and it is understandable as to why Harry wanted to keep it a secret as the pair got to know one another. According to the Sun, Harry is very protective over his relationship and does not want to make a show of it. A source close to the singer has stated that Harry Styles is extremely smitten with Camille Rowe.

Harry Styles has not made a comment about his new relationship and as such, his representatives have been contacted for comment. Fans of the singer are unsure of Styles will own up to dating Camille as he may want to protect her from fans who have attacked his girlfriend’s online in the past.

Nick Grimshaw introduced the pair

According to the Mirror, BBC presented Nick Grimshaw first introduced the pair at an event earlier this year. Harry Styles recently appeared at the BBC radio station for an interview with his close friend Nick and it was then that Nick hinted there was something going on between Harry and Camille.

Grimshaw hooked up Harry to a heart monitor and showed him different things to see if he would react to them or not. One of the items that Styles was shown was a photograph of Camille Rowe. The singer tried to cover up the slight spike in his heart rate by stating that he did not know who the person in the photograph was.

However, he did add that he hated Nick for showing him the photograph, which leads fans to believe that Grimshaw knew before anyone else that the pair were together.

The interview interrogation was all in good fun and Styles and Grimshaw are still close friends.

Neither Harry Styles nor Camille Rowe has made a comment about the rumors. The pair were spotted together recently at a gig in New York and several photographs of them are circulating online.