Lady Gaga has decided to let fans into her personal life through the release of her new documentary. The documentary is to focus on Gaga's life behind the scenes of her concert as she deals with life as a pop idol and role model to thousands of fans around the world. Fans are beyond excited to see this brand new perspective of their favorite singer.

The singer has announced her new Netflix documentary

According to CBS News, singer Lady Gaga has announced that she has a new documentary coming to Netflix, which is called "Five Foot Two." The singer broke the news through her social media and fans are excited to see what the documentary has in store for them.

The documentary follows the life of Lady Gaga for eight months as she works on and releases her new album "Joanna" in the year 2016. The film will also feature Gaga spending time with close family and friends as she faces the challenges of the music industry.

In a report by A.V. Club, Chris Moukarbel, who also worked on the documentary about artists Banksy titled, “Banksy Does New York”, directed the documentary. Moukarbel explores the highs and the lows of Lady Gaga's life throughout the eight months of filming and provides an intimate look at the singer's life as she deals with the positive and negative aspects of being famous.

Lady Gaga has posted spoilers of what fans can come to expect in her documentary

According to Vulture, the documentary will not just follow Lady Gaga's performances but also her thoughts on dealing with the negative aspects of fame. The singer herself has released a few teaser clips of her documentary "Five Foot Two" in which she is seen in a doctor’s office talking to a therapist about some of her problems.

The clip shows Lady Gaga talking with her doctor who is keen to address the problems that the singer is faced with. The doctor explains to Gaga that the first step in their process together will be tackling the immense pain that the singer is faced with and tells her that it is as if she is constantly running from her problems rather than facing them head on.

The doctor then refers to a second person that Lady Gaga is also working with called Dr. Modeer and it is confirmed that Gaga and Dr. Modeer are working on some psychological issues that the singer is faced with. The doctor then goes on to talk about re-educating the star's muscles and getting her blood flow back up to normal.

The release date for the documentary "Five Foot Two" has been confirmed as September 22 and fans cannot wait to see another side to their favorite performer.