History Channel last month confirmed that the official premiere date for "Vikings" season 5 will be November 29. The entertainment network also added to the excitement of the fans, by stating that the premiere episode will be two hours long. This provides the show-runners substantial amount of time to offer viewers all kinds of updates, which may have been left off in the previous season. The executive producer of History, Arturo Interian was quoted by Den Of Geek as saying, “Season five is taking our "Vikings" to unchartered lands we’ve never seen on the series before.” This certainly sounds that something pretty explosive will take place in the first episode itself.

Ivar's fate will be decided

According to a report by TV Guide, Ivar (Alex Hogh Andersen) will be seen taking up much of the screen time this season. The Season 4 finale witnessed him taking Sigurd’s (David Lindstrom) life, as a consequence of a heated argument. His unexpected action will have severe reactions and that is certain. Even though Ivar is seen regretting his move, it doesn’t appear that it will help much of his case, a recent sneak peek of the fifth season reveals. In the sneak peek, he was seen trying to convince Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) of his innocence and remorse over his actions but Bjorn hardly seems to believe him. Ivar blames Sigurd for endlessly provoking him for reasons unknown, which ultimately leads to his death.

Regardless of how disinterested the lords and King Bjorn visibly appeared, Ivar continued to plead for mercy. He has taken up enough time to explain himself, and it remains to be seen what exactly happens next. As pointed by Den of Geek, the fifth season is going to include a civil war between brothers. Given the situation between Ivar and Bjorn, the war appears inevitable, as has the trailer confirmed.

What will happen next?

Additionally, as pointed by Cartermatt, the sneak peek also assures its fans that even though, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) is no longer a part of the show; his sons will be enough to carry the bait forward. Ivar, the Boneless represents a very complex character, and much of his characteristics are similar to that of Ragnar.

He is charming, strong and clever – much like his father. The only aspect that is oddly demonic about Ivar, is his splitting anger. But much of the spice can be accredited to Ivar’s anger. Therefore, it is certainly working out in the show’s favor.