The Feud between artists Katy Perry and Calvin Harris has finally ended after six long years of fighting. The pair first fell out in 2011 and only recently made up when they worked together on the track "Feels." Perry has opened up about the feud and claimed that a long enough time had passed for the pair to be able to look past their differences.

The pair fell out as friends back in 2011

According to NME, artists Katy Perry and Calvin Harris used to be friends before they began their six-year long feud with one another. The feud first began back in the year 2011 when Calvin Harris was supposed to be performing as one of Katy Perry's opening acts on her tour.

However, Harris pulled out of the tour at the very last minute leaving Perry without an opening act and very little time to put one together. The pair struck out at one another on social media as Perry tweeted out that Calvin Harris was no longer going to be an opening act as he canceled last minute.

In a report by E! News, Harris responded to Perry's tweet with one of his own as they continued their feud on the internet for all of the worlds to see. Harris issued an apology to all of the people who were looking forward to seeing him perform on stage at Katy Perry's concert and explained that Perry's team wanted him to go on stage without any production.

In true Perry fashion, Katy Perry did not take this comment lying down and immediately replied in 2011 to this comment.

She stated that everything was fine for other performers who had agreed to be part of her tour. She then claimed that she was used to Harris canceling on her and the pair went on to feud for six more years.

Perry opens up about how the feud finally ended

According to E! News, Katy Perry has come forward to talk about the end to her and Harris' six-year feud.

The singer claimed that they bumped into each other at a Vanity Fair party where Harris told Perry that he had a song that she should check out. Perry stated that she was more than happy to comply as the pair had intended to work together for several years.

Perry admitted that they did have several falling-outs between one another over the years, however; they both felt that it was high time that they put aside their differences as it had been such a long time.

She stated that from there Calvin Harris showed her the song "Feels" and the pair were quick to agree to work with one another.

Calvin Harris has not come forward with any comment about the feud between him and Katy Perry, however, it is clear that Harris made the first move to mend the rift between the two performers.