Kylie Jenner, the famous "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" star, has recently shared details about her life during the "Life of Kylie" premiere last Sunday. The recent show has revealed her extravagant lifestyle and fame. However, the show has also revealed the deepest insecurities and pressures that the reality TV star has faced while growing up under the spotlight.

In the hour-long episode of "Life of Kylie," the 19-year old star revealed the kind of luxury life she lived. Nevertheless, millions of her fans were surprised when she talked about going into therapy over dealing with the pressures of fame.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Jenner has added that she doesn't feel happy buying everything she wanted. Jenner declared that buying what she wants is a kind of happiness which only lasted two seconds.

Insecurities in the spotlight

The hour-long episode of Jenner's show has completely featured her life behind the camera. It has been shown that Jenner has been followed by millions of her followers and has even become famous through her photos posted on her Instagram account.

However, amid her famous life, the young star revealed that it was not the kind of life she ever wanted.

She also revealed that she already felt it hard doing normal things when every person in the world already knows who you are.

As she continued to share personal things about her life, Jenner admitted that she would love to experience a simple life away from the camera. Despite being famous, the "KUWTK" star has also shared that she isn't the kind of woman who loves seeking attention from people.

In fact, she would love to live her life the simpler way just like how ordinary people do.

Meeting a therapist

Her constant self-insecurities from spotlight have led the "Kylie Cosmetics" founder to sit down with a therapist finally. She revealed that it had been her best time to open about herself over the pressures she felt over her fame.

As she continued her statement, Jenner added that she felt like losing a part of herself. She didn't even know how it feels like living a normal life.

The young star has left everyone in awe when she revealed the statement that the kind of life she has established right now was not the kind she wanted at all. Perhaps, her recent show, "Life of Kylie" is her means of sharing her self-doubt and her eagerness of living a normal life. As she continued, Jenner added that her newest life goal is to live simple. Apparently, the show ended with Jenner having a new perspective on life.