New surprising twists have been revealed for the Characters of the upcoming "Once Upon a Time" Season 7 characters. Apparently, it seemed that there would be massive changes in the character roles of Captain Hook and Regina. Further, it has been previously hinted that these two roles will be having different versions in the upcoming season. Meanwhile, Colin O'Donoghue and Lana Parrilla, the returning cast members, have also shared some spoilers about the possible changes that might take place in season 7.

A report from Entertainment Tonight has shared that O'Donoghue and Parrilla have recently shared details to the press during the Television Critics Association press tour on Sunday.

It has been learned that the newest season will open in Seattle. Apparently, this has confirmed the speculations which have been revealed on the season 7 teasers.

Complicated story

During the recent press tour, O'Donoghue has shared a little detail about the season 7 storyline. He added that a guy in the upcoming season would have to fill in the sense of loss that he has been feeling. Hence, he will do his best in order to find who he is. He will strive a lot in seeking for answers while at the same time perform his duty as a uniformed cop.

Meanwhile, O'Donoghue has further added that viewers must expect a complicated story in the next season of "Once Upon a Time." He revealed that the next chapter is a lot complicated of what viewers expected it should be.

On the other hand, Parrilla has also spilled off some details on her character. She added that she would no longer be wearing pant suits this season 7. Instead, viewers should expect more of her wearing denim and rock t-shirts.

Regina has a new name

As Parrilla continued to share the details of her role, the actress has further revealed that her character will no longer be called as Regina.

Apparently, she will have her new name in season 7.

Further, the returning star has further revealed that she will no longer be the queen that she used to be in the past seasons. Meanwhile, she also added that she would be a lot different and she also feels different on her new curly hairs.

During the past seasons, Regina was used to be seen in charge of all things.

However, the season 7 will portray an entirely different character of her. Parrilla also revealed that playing the new character of Regina made her felt playing the pilot episode. Despite the twist, Parrilla admits enjoying and discovering her newest role in the next chapter.