kim zolciak loves her children and this is her main argument as to why she wants to have more kids with her husband, Kroy Biermann. When Kim first met Kroy, she had two girls. They were entering School System when she joined "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," so fans had gotten to know these girls from when they were very young.

Kim was perhaps starting to feel a little lonely in her personal life, as she was dating a man who kept buying her all kinds of presents, including a car. Zolciak kept wondering if she should commit to Big Poppa, but she always held back.

Something wasn't right.

But when Kim met Kroy at a local dance competition, it didn't take long for them to start dating. They quickly got engaged and eventually married. Together, they have two boys and a set of twins. All in all, Kim is the mother of six children, but she may want more. Her doctors may advise against this, but she is ready and she has already talked about more kids on "Don't Be Tardy."

Wants to keep the kids at home

According to a new tweet, it sounds like Kim not only wants more children but also wants to keep them all at home to herself instead of sending them to school. As Kim recently explained, she wants to keep her Sons at home with her instead of going to school, and she is an emotional wreck sending them away.

Of course, it is healthy for the boys to get out and learn something new and interact with other children that are not their siblings. While Kim may argue for homeschooling, one can imagine that Kroy wants us boys to get out and experience life a little differently.

Kroy may want them out

Kroy grew up in Montana and probably spent a lot of time outside. One can imagine that he wants the same thing for his sons, as they are now entering the school system. He probably had lots of friends, developed great leadership skills by playing football, and even has a solid set of friends to come back to thanks to his school days.

Zolciak, on the other hand, has revealed that if it was just up to her, she would probably keep her sons at home with her in her Atlanta home. One can imagine that a show about homeschooling the boys would be an interesting one for Bravo, especially if Kim or her two older daughters were the teachers?

What do you think about Kim Zolciak wanting to keep her sons at home instead of sending them to school? Do you think she would choose homeschooling for her kids in the future, to keep them close to home? Or do you think Kroy will step in and get them out of the house?