Poor Kim Zolciak-Biermann boasts an amazingly body but a faulty memory. She flaunted her curves in a series of Kardashian-worthy beach vacation pics. When asked how she looks so good, the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star credited everything but the biggest reason -- plastic surgery. The reality TV star boasted diet, exercise, and weight loss and neglected to mention her tummy tuck, boob job and possible butt lift.

'RHOA' star's weight loss tips hard to swallow

You have to wonder about celebrities and how they so often contradict themselves. The "Don't Be Tardy" star would like folks to believe that her bikini body is all the result of strict dieting, avoiding red meat and working out.

But elsewhere she has eschewed rigorous dieting and boasted eating chocolate every single day. Zolciak-Biermann would like fans to believe that she can eat candy and drink wine and still stay thin. But past episodes of the reality television show dish up contradictions galore.

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star feeds fans mixed messages

Another thing the celebrity world is cagey about is plastic surgery. Reality TV stars particularly go in for cosmetic procedures in a big way. But then they deny getting work done on their bodies. Zolciak-Biermann denied getting a nose job but was also a little reluctant to fess up to other plastic surgery she'd obviously had. She finally enumerated what she's had added or removed: breast implant surgery, lip implants, Botox (for migraines) and a tummy tuck.

Oh, and she routinely undergoes Ultherapy liposuction treatments. Remember that healthy dieting? Now remember the show where she ate chicken tenders, pizza, and pop while getting Ultherapy?

Zolciak-Biermann can't have plastic surgery after stroke, or can she?

So after questions on her nose job, the former "Dancing With the Stars" performer bit back at the "morons" who didn't know she couldn't undergo such procedures on blood thinners.

But Zolciak-Biermann can eat junk food while having laser surgery. And wait till you hear the bizarre thinking about the tummy tuck. The reality mom said she had it done after hernia surgery, because they are "one in the same." And doctors on "Botched" thought Mama June had it wrong expecting a post-C-section tummy tuck.

Add butt lift to the list?

So it's body by diet and exercise, says Kim. But does that backside look a little too bulbous to be true? Does it appear that the reality television star has had a Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner type butt implant surgery? Maybe Kim ZB revealed her list of plastic surgery before having the butt lift done. Or maybe it's a don't-ask, don't tell thing -- if people don't inquire on that specific procedure, she's won't mention it.