Brandi Redmond returned for the second season of "The Real Housewives of Dallas" and the first episode of the season aired this past Monday on Bravo. Lots of things have changed in Dallas since the first season of the show, and Brandi was no longer good friends with her former best friend Stephanie Hollman. The two ladies had gotten into an altercation, where Stephanie had said things about Brandi's marriage that Brandi simply didn't understand.

She had said that Brandi's marriage was like a car wreck waiting to happen and that it was painful to watch.

Surely, Hollman knew about the issues that Brandi Redmond was dealing with in her marriage, and yet she decided to comment on the issues as if she had no idea.

Brandi thought that they were great friends and that she would've gotten her friend's support throughout the whole thing, but it didn't sound like Redmond got anything she had hoped for from her friend.

Stephanie didn't listen?

Now Brandi is opening up about what it was like to learn that her friend, Stephanie Hollman, may not have had her back as she had hoped for. According to a new Bravo report, Brandi explains that she tried to talk to her friend about what was bothering her, but that Stephanie wasn't hearing her.

The two ladies clearly struggled to see eye-to-eye on the issue and Brandi reveals that she eventually just walked around like a zombie for weeks, not knowing what to do.

After she didn't get any feedback from Hollman, she decided to simply shut down. She explains that she put up a Wall and she shut our her friend.

Built an emotional wall

"I let things escalate between us. I tried to speak to her but she wasn’t hearing me. I was upset that she didn’t understand what she did wrong when I was continuing to hurt.

I walked around like a zombie for weeks and finally decided to put up a wall and not let her in," Brandi writes in her blog about her friendship with Stephanie.

This explains why Brandi didn't have much to say to Stephanie when the two met up for a party during the season's first episode. It also explains why LeeAnne Lockin was talking for her, even though Brandi was trying to formulate what she wanted to say.

She was clearly taken aback that Stephanie wanted to talk to her and that she even approached her in the first place, but she also wanted to speak in private. Fans were shocked that LeeAnne was so aggressive, answering everything she asked Brandi. It all seemed so forced and planned out.

Are you surprised that Brandi Redmond put up a wall after Stephanie Hollman didn't talk to her for weeks? Do you understand why she's not getting along with Stephanie?