Kanye West is currently involved in an ongoing battle against his insurance company, as his claim for $10,812,997.09 has been denied. This prompted West to file a lawsuit against the insurance company which began back in December of 2016 and has recently come to the media's attention. Kim Kardashian secretly testified about her husband's mental condition during his mental break in November of 2016 and is fighting alongside her husband for the insurance coverage he has requested.

Kim secretly testified about her husband's mental health

According to Radar Online, Kardashian testified about her husband's mental breakdown back in November of 2016.

Kim testified that at the time West suffered a severe break in his mental well being, which meant that her husband could no longer perform in his Saint Pablo tour, or any upcoming gigs he had booked.

Kim was called forward in the ongoing lawsuit between her husband Kanye West and his insurance company Lloyds. The celebrity was under oath as she answered private questions about her husband's mental state including his use of a particular drug known as Percocet.

Documents were handed over to the courts by representatives of Kardashian including footage of the first few days of Kanye's stay the hospital. According to Radar, more than 20 hours of footage was given to the courts as evidence of Kanye's claims that he could not perform at the time.

Kanye wants insurance to pay for cancellations

According to InTouch Weekly, West is currently undergoing battles with his insurance company, as he wants them to pay for the cancellations he had to make during his ill health. He suffered a severe mental health breakdown back in November of 2016 causing him to seek professional help.

Due to his ill health and subsequent hospitalization, West had to cancel his tour at the time and several other upcoming events. Kanye wants his insurance company to cover massive cost of these cancellations, which totals at a huge sum of $10,812,997.09.

However, the insurance company has denied his claim and stated that doctors at the time of the breakdown proved his inability to perform had nothing to do with his alcohol and drug abuse.

This prompted West to file a lawsuit at the insurance company Llyod's in which he is now looking for the $10,812,997.09 and an extra sum of money for damages.

There has been no comment from the celebrity couple about the current status of the lawsuit. However, it seems unlikely that the courts are going to rule in Kayne's favor due to the amount of money that the celebrity is requesting.