"Little Mix" is an internationally recognized Girl Group, which currently consists of the members Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, and Jade. The girls have recently revealed their plans to create a documentary Movie about their rise to fame. It has been confirmed that the band are currently in serious discussions about the movie and have explained that they want it done just right. They are looking forward to showing fans a completely new side to "Little Mix" through this documentary project.

A 'One Direction' style documentary

According to MTV, the British girl group "Little Mix" are currently in talks to make a documentary movie about their lives.

The band currently consists of the members Perrie, Jade, Jesy, and Leigh-Anne and each of the girl’s experiences joining the girl group will be explored in greater detail.

The style and tone of the documentary will echo the same kind of behind the scenes movie "One Direction" released several years ago. It has been confirmed that the girls are currently having serious discussions with directors and producers about the movie.

The girls talk about their vision for the movie

According to Ok!, the girls of "Little Mix" have a clear idea of what they want the documentary to show their viewers. They have announced that they have some never before seen footage that will show another side to the girl group which fans have never seen.

Commenting on behalf of the group Jesy stated that fans know who "Little Mix" are but they do not know the girl's individual personalities.

"Little Mix" has also revealed that the documentary will have to be done exactly right. They have a strong desire to show fans the difficulties of their rise to fame and do not want the documentary glamorized in any way.

They want fans to get to see the real drama that happens behind the scenes of one of the world’s most popular girl bands.

The girls are extremely excited to give fans a never before seen look of their girl group "Little Mix" and hopes that fans will come to know them better as individuals within the group. The girls want the documentary to include several of their songs and performances including the secret behind the scenes footage that they have captured before their concerts

"Little Mix" has confirmed that if the documentary about their lives is to go forward then it will be some time before it is released. Fans are beyond excited about this news and hope that the girls go through with their idea for a documentary about the band.