Stephanie Shepherd has been the assistant of Kim Kardashian for nearly four years. As most would assume, this means she has gotten a significant amount of quality time with Kim’s husband Kanye. According to Shepherd, all of the quality time she’s gotten with Kanye West has taught her a thing or two about the rapper that most people wouldn’t know. For example, he’s got a pretty grand sense of humor.

Stephanie is practically a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family

Between her long and gorgeous locks and the amount of time she spends with Kim and her family, Stephanie more or less passes as a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

During a recent interview, Shepherd opened up about Kayne West and his “impressive one-liners.” Stephanie noted that most people perceive Kim’s husband as a deep and serious person. So, she thinks people would find it surprising to learn he’s got a rather strong comedic side. During the interview, Kim’s assistant also noted that she also questioned whether or not it was appropriate for her to laugh as hard as she does at his jokes. Could she be the only one who finds him that funny?

West has been having a hard time lately

As those who follow Kim Kardashian and Kanye West news know, the couple have been having a little trouble as of late. Shepherd noted that West did not attend the Met Gala with his wife as he was “taking some time off" following the mental breakdown and concurrent hospitalization that Kanye West experienced last year.

Shepherd recalled how her assistant job started

During the interview where she opened up about Kanye West’s sense of humor that she did not believe many people knew about, Stephanie Shepherd also took a bit of time to reflect on the history she had working with Kim Kardashian. Stephanie was a new assistant to Kim during the end of her pregnancy with North West.

Stephanie remembered working harder than she was expected to, and staying longer than she was needed in order to impress Kim. She also reflected on the role she played in Kim and Kanye’s wedding. Shepherd even reflected on the relationships she had with some of Kim’s family members.

For example, Stephanie recalled not having the best relationship with Kourtney when she started working for Kim.

In fact, she was pretty sure Kourtney didn’t like her. Now, however, she feels like part of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Do you think Stephanie is right? Could Kanye West really have a hilarious side to him?