The friendships between Zayn Malik and the rest of his former boy band "One Direction" were deeply affected when Malik decided to leave the band. Zayn released a number of statements to the press when he first left stating that he was glad he was no longer a part of "One Direction." Louis Tomlinson has come forward recently and stated that he and Zayn have cleared the air and are back on friendly terms.

Louis' mother's dying wish

According to the Daily Mail, before the untimely passing of Louise Tomlinson's mother Johannah Deakin she wanted her son to set things right with former band member Zayn Malik.

Louise has revealed that before his mother died she was very adamant that Louis should reach out to Zayn and try to patch things up with the former "One Direction" member.

The boy's friendship went sour when Zayn Malik decided to leave "One Direction" in order to pursue a solo career. Malik then revealed that he never wanted to be a part of "One Direction" and stated that he just went along with it at the time because he did not know there was another option.

Louis has also revealed that his mother encouraged him to perform on the X-Factor stage after she passed away stating that it was the place where his career first began. According to Hollywood Life, Louis revealed this months later and said that while it was difficult for him to go through with it, he performed on stage at the request of his mother.

Tomlinson confirms the news in an interview

According to Hollywood Life, Louis Tomlinson has confirmed that he and Zayn Malik have cleared the air between them. Louis stated this during an interview on "Andy Cohen Live" and revealed that he and Zayn had gotten back in touch and all of the drama with their "One Direction" days was now in the past.

When the boys were both members of "One Direction" they said that they got along easily with one another as they could always break the rules with one another. It was confirmed that the pair is not in regular contact with one another but after a year of not talking this is a huge step for the former band-mates.

Louis has admitted that he always saw the good natured side to Zayn and understood him in a way the rest of the band did not.

He also added that he did not like holding on to grudges and is happy that the pair has finally overcome their differences.

Zayn Malik has made no comment about Louis Tomlinson's statements, however, fans are already celebrating that the former band members have put the past behind them. Fans are eagerly awaiting a reunion between the former "One Direction" members.