Kathy Griffin, the TV actress, and comedian, simply wanted her sister to feel that she is not alone in her fight against Cancer. Just recently, Griffin has taken a major hair change after she shaved her head off to support her sister who has been into under chemotherapy against cancer.

As per a report from People, series of photos from Griffin has started to surface online, and it had left her followers in awe when she flaunted her shaved head. In one of the photos posted online, the comedian posed topless outdoors as she holds her bald head with her right hand.

Such photo has received multiple reactions from the social media.

Sibling's cancer battle

To recall, Griffin has been under fire for the past few months when she faced some issues against the US President, Donald Trump. However, such backlash didn't prevent her from supporting her sister against cancer battle. Yashar Ali, the famous writer, has revealed some of Griffin's photos on Twitter last Monday. While the pictures started to surface online on Monday, it has been revealed that the TV personality shaved her head just last week.

Following the news, Maggie, Griffin's mother, was also quick to post on Twitter and she wrote, "My daughter Kathleen Mary is a wonderful human being." Apparently, she has praised her daughter a lot for her courage of shaving her head just to show support to her sibling.

Further, she also got lots of praise from her followers for showing such care to someone who is having a cancer battle.

Griffin's sister

Amid her major hair change, it hasn't been revealed yet on what particular cancer that her sister has been battling with.

Joyce Griffin was believed to have undergone series of treatments and chemotherapy for her health condition. Meanwhile, it was also reported that Garry Griffin, her brother, has also passed away as he fought against his stage 4 esophageal cancer.

Hence, such special gesture from Griffin has been her way of showing her sister that everyone from her family got her back.

Apparently, having a cancer battle is no less than an easy journey. Right now, Maggie was happy about the sacrifice that the TV comedian has shown towards her sibling.

Amid her sister's brutal struggle against her illness, the TV comedian has apparently done her part to show solidarity as Joyce fought against her health condition. Meanwhile, it looked as if her followers have changed their perspective towards her following the certain feud she faced with the President of the United States.