Kathy Griffin came under fire when she posed a cryptic photo of Donald Trump from her photo shoot with renowned photographer Tyler Shields in May. The image, which was personally shared by the comedian on her social media account, spread like wild fire and earned mixed response from both supporters and detractors of the U.S. president.

Public reacts to Griffin's disturbing photo of POTUS

After getting a surge of criticism for her decapitated photo of the POTUS, the TV personality immediately took down the post and issued a public apology. Kathy Griffin acknowledged that she has "crossed the line" for coming up with such idea.

She even called herself a "comic" and offered her sincerest apologies to the public.

The comedian, however, refused to mention Donald Trump in her video message. The U.S. president, on the other hand, fired back at Kathy Griffin and criticized her for her "sick" representation of him. He added that the comedian has placed his entire family in a difficult situation.

Donald Trump Jr. said he was not buying her "phony" apology after seeing how Kathy Griffin had mocked the reaction she knew was coming for uploading the controversial photo.

Apparently, the TV personality joked about moving to Mexico if things got out of hand.

Griffin loses job in the wake of controversy

Kathy Griffin saw the effects of the issue she started when CNN terminated her contract as Anderson Cooper's co-host for their New Year's Eve special broadcast. The comedian has been leading the countdown for almost a decade, but the network could not tolerate what she did to the U.S.


Anderson Cooper even admitted he was "appalled" by his co-host's photo shoot which he described as "clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate." Meanwhile, the comedian insisted that she was bullied by the first family over the issue.

"I'm a woman in a very male-dominated field. I love what I do. I love making people laugh more than anything in the world," she said in a press conference.

Kathy Griffin was represented by Atty. Lisa Bloom, who explained the intention of her client for doing the photo shoot. The lawyer said Donald Trump's decapitated photo was meant to make fun of his remarks about Megyn Kelly. The "Suddenly Susan" actress was also defended by Jim Carrey, who argued that comedians are the "last line of defense" when famous personalities are doing "crazy things" before the public.

Two months later, the female comedian had to clarify that she will not be held accountable for uploading the controversial photo. Kathy Griffin even shared an AP article, where it was mentioned that she will not be sentenced for the issue.