Justin Bieber has recently been criticized for creeping on a gym employee online and then direct messaging the gym to try to find out who the girl in their photograph is. 23-year-old Jessica Gober could not believe that Justin Bieber was trying to get in contact with her and took to social media to tell everyone about what had happened. However, Bieber was promptly turned down as Jessica posted a photograph of her and her boyfriend.

Bieber noticed the girl on Instagram

According to Metro, Justin Bieber was online when a girl on a gym's Instagram page caught his eye.

The celebrity immediately direct messaged the gym and asked whom the girl in the photograph was only to get no reply. It is clear that Bieber was surfing the internet looking for some potential dates and one can be sure the celebrity did not expect to be rejected due to his status.

The gym is Fitness On Broughton and is located in Georgia. The girl in the photograph has been identified as Health And Fitness coach Jessica Gober who was not at all interested in Justin Bieber's approaches. Jessica was informed that Justin Bieber was inquiring about her and has taken to social media to express her genuine shock that the celebrity was trying to get into contact with her.

Jessica took a screen shot of the direct message and posted it to her Twitter account where she announced that the gym has told her Justin Bieber was trying to get into contact with her.

The gym health and fitness coach later followed up with a photograph of her and her current boyfriend stating that she has everything she needs already.

The gym celebrates their coach's new found fame

According to the Daily Mail, Jessica Gober's fellow workers at Fitness On Broughton have taken to social media to celebrate the health and fitness coach's new found fame.

They posted a photograph to their gym's Instagram account of a newspaper report on Justin Bieber reaching out to Jessica.

The title of the newspaper piece read that Justin Bieber had slid into a girl's DM's but that she was not interested. Her co-workers joked that Jessica Gober has gone from working the front desk in the gym to working the front page.

Fans have been sharing the hilarious news that Jessica rebuffed Bieber and one has to wonder how Justin feels now.

Justin Bieber has not released a statement about his attempts to her in contact with Jessica Gober. The star has previously been linked to singer Selena Gomez but this is not the first time he has tried to find himself a girl through social media.