"Teen Mom OG" fans reacted with joy when they found out that Amber Portwood had broken up with her ex, Matt Baier. Although at first, everything seemed a bit iffy, as the pair had called off their wedding before and merely postponed it due to issues they were facing, they have now decidedly moved on from one another and have called it quits. Before they parted ways for good, the pair appeared on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Family Edition with Amber's mom, Tonya, presumably to put the nail in the coffin. Since the show, the pair has moved on, and Matt has moved from Amber's home in Indiana to Las Vegas, where he seems to be playing poker and seeing other women.

Amber meets a new man

Amber hasn't gone public with her new man. However, the "Teen Mom OG" star was spotted canoodling and kissing a man much closer to her age (Matt Baier is 46, while Amber is only 27). The identity of the guy has not been revealed, so there isn't much in the way of how long they have seen one another or whether or not he will appear on the television show. Many suspect that Baier only got with Amber to "get famous" on "Teen Mom OG," as he had previously reached out to her castmates Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham, paying them compliments and telling them how attractive they were before getting with Amber Portwood. While Matt has denied this is the case, hopefully, the new guy won't be as fame or money hungry as her ex and might be a little more liked amongst the viewers of the reality TV show.

Matt Baier responds to Amber's new flame

Baier has always been one to bring the drama to "Teen Mom OG," whether in the form of social media or on the television show in general. However, his response to Amber's new man was surprisingly tame for Baier, who often spends lots of time engaging with the "haters" online. In fact, he has spent so much time engaging with "haters" that he wrote an entire book to prove them wrong, though it doesn't appear the book did much to quiet their disapproval of his actions.

So what did the former "Teen Mom OG" cast member have to say for Amber? "All I ever wanted for Amber is for her to be happy and safe. We spent three years building a life together, and they were the three happiest years of my life. I wouldn't trade them for anything."

The former reality TV star spilled his feelings about her new flame to E! News. Although the pair may eventually reconcile, as is part of their pattern, most fans of the series are hoping that isn't the case.