Game of ThronesSeason 7 made fans wait for a good deal, and now that it has arrived, the fast pace of the show has got fans worried. It was touted to be the season of reunions which it has been, but the hurried-up treatment of the reunions has made fans a little uneasy. Episode 4 titled “Eastwatch” has made many feel that the makers have not done justice to the long wait for the fans, but the relief is that fan-favorite Jon Snow has emerged as the best player of the game with another favorite Daenerys following close behind.

“Eastwatch” homecomings and meetings lacked feeling

Eastwatch” marked the halfway above the mark of the current season which is also the penultimate season and a lot of reunions happened in this season. Sadly, they did not live up to the expectations of the fans. First of all, the Stark children reunited in Winterfell but their homecoming was so bereft of emotion that it did not even feel like a proper reunion. Even the hug-filled reunion of Daenerys and Jorah lacked substance. But the most disappointing was the one between Jaime and Tyrion.

It was very sudden, brief and bland. Fans were certainly not prepared for it because there was a lot to be said and heard but all of it fizzled out in thin air.

Even the meeting at Eastwatch between the Hound, the brotherhood and Gendry had the potential for some fireworks, but nothing materialized. This is truly sad but the show is moving towards its end, and since the final two seasons have lesser episodes, one cannot ask for much.

The list of survivors and players narrows down

It is not just that “Game of Thrones” Season 7 has been quickly wrapping up reunions, it is also bringing down the number of survivors.

The current season has seen many deaths, and the last episode saw Jaime Lannister barely surviving from drowning in the lake. However, the strongest contender who has emerged now happens to be Jon Snow. He has not just won over Daenerys but also got some strong men on his side for the mission in the North.

As for Daenerys, she is still the most powerful contender in the show for the Iron Throne.

Cersei is also strong in her position, and it would be foolish to underestimate her. Her pregnancy has already complicated things. In the north, Sansa has also come forward as a smart player, and like Tyrion said that she is smarter than she lets out, she can turn the game upside down, but in Tyrion’s case, the Halfman is in a tricky spot. His chances of moving up the ladder as well as going down are equally strong.