A lot came to the fore and that too in quick succession in GOT Episode 5 but then this is the penultimate season, and the showrunners are indeed wrapping up things at a fast pace. Nevertheless, it was a relief to see the dots get connected. “Eastwatch” reunited many and also revealed the destiny of a lot of characters and there were major scenes in the show which writer Dave Hill has shed light on.

“Eastwatch” unbolted a surge of information

The fifth episode of Game of ThronesSeason 7 marks more than halfway of the current season and all those teeming questions fans had finally met with answers.

Ser Jorah landed at Dragonstone to serve his Khaleesi, and Jon Snow had his meeting with Drogon, petting him with shaking hands and sealing a silent friendship with the “gorgeous beast,” further bolstering his Targaryen bloodline. Tyrion met with Jaime with the help of Davos, convincing his brother to ask for Cersei’s help in defeating the army of the dead.

The bastard son of Robert Baratheon, Gendry made a comeback after three seasons, working as an anonymous blacksmith but now he is with Jon Snow’s army. Speaking of Jon’s army, it also has the backing of the Brotherhood. Far in the North, at Winterfell, audiences saw Littlefinger doing what he does best- scheming, and this time he has got Arya on his list, which sounds ironical.

He seems to have succeeded in tearing the Stark sisters apart, but it does not look like he will have such an easy way out this time, especially with Bran and his visions.

Dave Hill delves into the big moments of Episode 5

One of the highlights of the fifth episode in Season 7 was Dany burning the Tarlys which many consider being a sign of her slipping into madness, but Hill says that she offered the Tarlys a choice, but they did not obey her.

In a way, they asked for it. As for the Mother of Dragons allowing Jon to begin his mission, the writer says that she believes in him because both of them are idealists. They are people’s rulers, and this is why they have bonded so fast and so effortlessly.

Talking about Jaime’s challenge of convincing Cersei, Hill says that the Kingslayer has seen the damage caused by Drogon on the battlefield, and he knows that he has to get it done, but then his stubborn sister is not the kind who listens quickly. As far as Jaime and Tyrion’s meeting goes, Hill says that the brothers may have unresolved feelings, but they do love and trust each other, and so, the former is going to believe in him.