Jake Paul has been in the media a lot of the past few weeks as his neighbors have been complaining that the 20-year-old is an absolute nightmare to live next to. Jake Paul is currently facing a civil lawsuit against several of his neighbors in the residential area, one of whom claims that he nearly killed an elderly resident from smoke inhalation when performing a prank. The star stated at the Teen Choice Awards that he is changing his ways but as of yet, there has been no evidence of that.

The YouTuber's pranks nearly killed an elderly woman

According to Clevver News, a neighbor of Paul who wishes to remain unidentified has come forward with claims that the YouTuber's pranks nearly lead to the death of an elderly resident.

This is not the first time the Jake Paul's neighbors have spoken out about the antics of the star and some of them have even filed a lawsuit against the YouTuber.

The neighbor recounted a time when Jake Paul and the rest of Team 10 lit various things on fire in their backyard. They stated that not only was this incredibly foolish but also dangerous as the fumes of the fire were extremely strong. In a report by Drama Alert, the neighbor stated that an Elderly Woman who also lives next to Jake Paul nearly died from smoke inhalation from the fire.

It is clear that living next to the YouTuber is not only very difficult and annoying but also dangerous. The elderly woman in question is alive and well now but it was an extremely scary time for the old resident as she could have lost her life because of Jake Paul's pranks.

The YouTuber has claimed that he is changing his ways

According to We The Unicorns, Jake Paul was hosting the Teen Choice Awards recently and when accepting the away for Choice YouTuber made a public apology for his actions. The star stated that he knows that his behavior has not been the best as of late. What Paul is referring to are his sexist remarks, racist bullying and pretending to have been victimized in high school when it was clear that he was the bully.

The star has claimed that he needs to be more responsible and careful in the future in terms of what he says and does. However, it appears that Paul is back up to his usual antics. Recently one of his neighbors has come forward and stated that the 20-year-old and his friends have no settled down since the news reports.

They drew attention to the fact that Paul was fired from Disney because of his antic and pranks and that the chaos in their residential area has only intensified.

The neighbors have gotten together as a unit and are filing a civil lawsuit against Jake Paul.

Jake Paul has not made a statement about the prank, which nearly caused the death of his elderly neighbor, and fans were shocked to hear the news.