Joy-Anna Duggar is the youngest member of the family to be married off. By all rights, she is still a teenager until October when she turns 20. Joy-Anna married Austin Forsyth in May, and the two have been navigating married life together over the last few months. They honeymooned for a few weeks, and now, they are back and living their "normal" life.

The possibility she is pregnant

Rumors have been plaguing Duggar since she got married. The same thing happened to Jinger Duggar who was married last November. It is widely believed among critics that the daughters are expected to become pregnant immediately following their wedding day.

Both Jill and Jessa Duggar fell pregnant quickly, but Jinger has not yet announced anything. Now, the press is jumping on Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth about when they will begin their family. Jim Bob Duggar hinted that an announcement may be coming ahead of the "Counting On" premiere in September and it is believed that Joy-Anna may be expecting.

Austin Forsyth appears to be more traditional than Jeremy Vuolo. He has not yet "allowed" Joy-Anna Duggar to stray from the dress code, which has fans a little bit upset. The two have been doing a lot of traveling and attending events in the area. The most recent one they shared with fans was the Republican youth convention in Arkansas. The two went and attended the Arkansas Young Republican State Convention, sharing a photo of their appearance.

It isn't shocking that this is how Duggar identifies politically.

Fans attack her political choices

According to the Hollywood Gossip, after sharing the photo of herself at the Republican event, the comments got nasty. Fans who watch or have watched any of the Duggar Family shows should know they are a highly religious and conservative group.

There should have been no shock value when it comes to where Joy-Anna spent time. While it may be wise to keep some opinions to yourself when you live in the public eye, their beliefs are important to them. Joy-Anna likely didn't expect to be slammed for something she was proud of, but now, she can prepare herself better for the future.

There are roughly three weeks until the season premiere of "Counting On." Fans are looking forward to seeing more of how Joy-Anna Duggar interacts with her husband, Austin Forsyth. There is so much to learn about the newest married couple and in just a few months, they will be joined in wedded bliss by Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell, the couple who got engaged at Joy-Anna and Austin's wedding.