Josh Martinez held the power position as the Head of Household (HOH) this past week on season 19 of "Big Brother." Up on the block for eviction on Thursday night were three ladies. Cody Nickson's girlfriend, Jessica Graf, Elena Davies, and Raven Walton. During the live votes, Elena received zero votes, Raven received one, and Jessica received seven.

7-1 vote to evict

By a vote of 7 to 1, Jessica was sent home from the "Big Brother" house. She is the last evicted houseguest who won't be going to the jury house. At the end of Thursday night's episode, host Julie Chen informed the houseguests that there would be no jury battle back this season.

"Once you are out, you are out for good," said Chen.

During the live exit interview with Julie, the two talked about the game and love. The very emotional Jessica told Julie that she was hurt by her fellow houseguests and the way they treated her and back stabbed her all season long. Jessica said her relationship with Cody is the real deal and that she undoubtedly loves him.

The "Big Brother" goodbye messages from the houseguests to Jessica were not very kind, except for the ones from Cody and Kevin Schlehuber. In Cody's goodbye message, he told Jessica that he loves her and misses her. Kevin, who is the oldest houseguest at 56-years-old, invited her to a New England Patriots game.

It's been two weeks since the last eviction took place.

The eviction on July 27 sent Ramses Soto packing from the "Big Brother" by a vote of 7 to 3 and a huge blindside.

The new Head of Household

The new Head of Household went to Alex Ow. Alex is a 28-year-old marketing rep from Thousand Oaks, CA. The final two in the competition were Alex and Raven. The live Head of Household comp was titled "Hocus Focus" and was a memory game that concentrated on two dancers/magicians performing in front of the houseguests.

This is Alex's second time as the Head of Household. Back in week 3, she won an endurance completion to become the HOH. That week, she put Jessica and Dominique Cooper up on the eviction block. Dominique ended up going home by a vote of 10 to 0.

The next new episode of season 19 of "Big Brother" will air on CBS this Sunday, August 13 at 8/7c.

For the super fans who can't get enough of the summer reality show, there are live feeds available so you can spy on the houseguests 24/7. Fans can also watch "Big Brother After Dark" which airs every night beginning at midnight on the Pop TV channel.