Thursday night is the live broadcast of the hit summer reality show "Big Brother." Now in season 19, the show is non-stop drama and blindsiding, and tonight was no different. With Jessica Graf as the Head Of Household and holder of the Power of Veto, Jessica placed Ramses Soto and Josh Martinez up on the eviction block. Jessica and her partner Cody Nickson had their trust in their fellow housemates to vote Josh out.

Blindside sends Ramses out of the BB House

Ramses Soto was the youngest contestant on this season of "Big Brother." The 21-year-old from Grand Rapids, MI is a self-proclaimed super fan of the show.

His strategy to win the $500,000 grand prize was to focus on his social game, but he never really developed any strong relationships or alliances in the "Big Brother" house.

A vote of 7-3 sent Ramses home, and it wasn't just a blindside to Ramses. Both Jessica and Cody were in complete shock when host Julie Chen announced that he was the one going home. In the Wednesday night episode of "Big Brother," Jessica told Cody that she had a feeling that the houseguests might vote to keep Josh in the house. Cody told Jessica that she was being paranoid and convinced her to not change the nominations.

In tonight's episode, before the vote took place, 55-year-old Kevin Schlehuber told Jessica that the house was planning on flipping the vote so she doesn't get her wish to send her enemy Josh home.

With that bit of info, Jessica and Cody spoke with all of their housemates to try to solidify the votes against Josh, but that didn't work out for them.

In his exit interview with Julie Chen, Ramses said that he had a feeling he would be evicted, even though he was supposed to be the pawn. He admitted to her that he knows his game play wasn't the best it could have been and he got a little emotional after watching his housemate's pre-taped goodbye messages.

New Head of Household

This week's Head of Household (HOH) competition had the houseguests competing in Inked and Evicted. The competition had the houseguests answering memory questions about made up tattoos on some of the former houseguests. Matt Clines, Paul Abrahamian, and Raven Walton were the final three in the competition, with Paul winning it all.

This win is Paul's second Head Of Household win of the summer.

The next new episode of "Big Brother" will air on CBS on this Sunday, July 30 at 8/7c. There is also "Big Brother After Dark" which airs every night on the Pop TV at midnight.