Supergirlseason 3 is set to introduce a new Kryptonian in town following several updates in the casting. First, fans will get to meet Maggie Sawyer’s (Floriana Lima) father. Carlos Bernard will reportedly play the said role.

Now, earlier reports revealed that the series casting is in search for a forty-something female to play a sexy and mysterious vixen with ties to the planet Krypton. Cinema Blend unveils what they know about the said character and how she would fit in for “Supergirl” Season 3.

‘Supergirl’ gets darker in Season 3

The CW series gets a little comparison to “Game of Thrones” these days due to this new character.

The said role was described as someone that has features alike to the witch of Melisandre. Therefore, it is safe to say that this suspicious character uses some issues or secrets as leverage.

It cannot be denied that the Melissa Benoist-led series is too bright to include witchy stuff from The Red Woman. However, viewers still deserve to know how the role paves way for the story and what will be the involvement in Kara Danvers' life.

As of now, there are no details whether the new Kryptonian will appear during the present day or in the flashbacks. Viewers have seen Reign (Odette Annable) in Season 2 finale being sent from Krypton to Earth when she was a baby. Aside from the fact that she was revealed as the Season 3 villain, the earlier mentioned new Kryptonian may have something to do with her.

The only information we know is that Reign is one of the five world killers. If it is her goal to end Supergirl, we need to know the root of all the hate. The earlier source also suggests that the new character might help to fill in the blanks of the past.

Is she a new Kryptonian from Arrowverse?

Kryptonian Faora is likely to fit the descriptions of the new role.

She could be someone that Arrowverse is yet to feature, as speculations suggest. Another character that might fill the spot is Aethyr, who already appeared on the series “Smallville.” While there are endless possibilities, both lovely roles have lesser chances because of their connection to Zod. The only factor that fuels all these speculations is their race as a Kryptonian.

Furthermore, “SupergirlSeason 3 will return in October. Avid fans will only find out about the answer when the season premieres. Also, watch out for the planned four-way crossover with “The Flash,” “Arrow,” and “Legends of Tomorrow.”