Jennifer Garner has remained not only as a friend to Ben Affleck but also a family to his mom, Chris. On Tuesday, the famous TV personality was spotted running some errands in Los Angeles with Affleck's mom. Apparently, her fans and followers couldn't help but praised her for such a sweet gesture. Amid their split, everyone was happy that all of them have chosen to remain close to each other as family.

A report from AOL has confirmed that Garner looked very happy as she strolled along the streets of Los Angeles together with Chris. She was seen sporting a cute blouse, casual skinny jeans together with her black sandals.

Meanwhile, Chris, Affleck's mom, was also spotted wearing a vibrant blue shirt while pairing it with white pants.

Walking in all smiles

Garner's fans were in awe when she was spotted walking closely with Chris in Los Angeles. Both were seen walking in the streets while having their arms close to each other's back. Apparently, the actress has just shown to everyone that they can still choose to be friends and a family to their former partners.

Further, it was also reported that Garner wasn't embarrassed at all after learning about Affleck's new found romance. In fact, she is focusing much of her time to their three children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. Despite being a single parent, it seemed that Garner has been enjoying her life lately.

Most of the time, the actress was spotted in all smiles as she spent time with her kids especially after they went out from the church.

Moving on from past relationship

A source has also told AOL that Garner has been trying her best in order to move forward with her life. Garner has always been praised by most of her fans for being strong amid her ill-fated Relationship.

As of the meantime, it was also reported that Garner is not giving her time yet to dating someone.

Apparently, her number one priority as of the moment is her children.

Despite the rough situation that her life with Affleck has gone through, Garner has made it sure that her children will cope with the situation smoothly.

To recall, Garner and Affleck were also doing their best in co-parenting their children. Back in July, the former couple was seen celebrating the annual Fourth of July together with their children. They were as if a whole-new family again as they all enjoyed the colorful parade during the celebration. Despite the split, Garner and Affleck have always made it sure that they can still give the best to their children.