Jennifer Garner still says that she loves Ben Affleck, even if they are already divorced. The ex-couple's relationship continues to become more amicable, compared to other failed marriages in Hollywood, and according to a recent report from E! Online, the two stars are in good terms despite their decision to get divorced. Both actors seem to be untouched by the scandal linked to their separation, continuing to treat each other with respect and love.

'Wakefield' actress continues to stay strong for her kids

jennifer garner and ben affleck continue to co-parent their three kids, Samuel, Seraphina and Violet.

The ex-couple has been trying to work things out for their family as they aim to make their lives comfortable and undramatic. The "Pearl Harbor" actor has always been happy about his supportive ex-wife, Garner. He said that their family's situation would not be as great as it is if not for her understanding ex-wife. The "Wakefield" actress remains positive even if she has all the reasons to grieve on her failed marriage with Affleck.

An insider claimed that Garner has been having a hard time, as she tries to move on in her life without Affleck. However, she believes that everything will be okay and that their family is still complete even if they are not together anymore as a couple. Affleck and Garner continue to spend time together as a family.

In the meantime, the publication revealed that Affleck is no longer living together with Garner and the kids anymore. The "Argo" actors have finally moved out of their family home and bought a house nearby. Perhaps, the "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice" actor wants it to be easy for him to visit their children any time of the day.

Of course, living nearby would make it easy for him to pick up his kids and even eat meals with them.

Garner continues to stay fit and healthy

In the meantime, Page Six revealed that Garner remains fit and healthy by attending a boxing class. The "Miracles from Heaven" actress was spotted at a boxing studio in Santa Monica, California last Sunday.

The insider claimed that she was seen smiling and enjoying the activity. The source even added that she might be boxing through the pain of her failed marriage from Affleck.

Garner and Affleck are reportedly planning to go on a vacation together with the kids, before school starts. She reportedly has a bucket list of fun outings and trips. Finally, Jennifer Garner has always been open about how much she loves Ben Affleck. However, she knows that he can be complicated at times, which could be one of the reasons why their marriage failed.