Netflix has finally released the first and official trailer for "First They Killed My Father," Angelina Jolie's upcoming drama which centers the life of Cambodians under the Khmer Rouge. As per a report from the Guardian, the upcoming drama has been directed by Jolie and it is an adaptation of a story which took place in Cambodia. Further, the show also centers on the life of Ung together with her family as they tried to survive their life under Rogue’s cruelty.

Since the news about the film broke online, it has been learned that "First They Killed My Father" has faced a lot of controversies with its casting method.

Nevertheless, the production was able to make it through and finally, the first trailer is now out for viewing.

Emotional trailer

The first trailer for the upcoming drama is believed to be the most emotional one. The video clip was reported to have featured an intense drama among the characters of the show. Further, the story which took place in 1970 has offered viewers a quick look over the Cambodia’s ruler, Prime Minister Pol Pot.

Meanwhile, "First They Killed My Father" is slated to expose the murderous regime which happened in Cambodia under Pol Pot. Intense, emotional, and terrifying scenes are which viewers should expect from the drama project.

It will also feature a 5-year old little girl and on how she managed to deal with her life as she experienced her world being torn apart in Cambodia.

Pol Pot's regime in this drama will be featured right in the perspective of a young girl.

Violent government officials

"First They Killed My Father" is also expected to feature the cruelty of government officials to its people. Apparently, the story will greatly deal about resilience and determination as they fought for their lives in order to survive.

Further, the upcoming drama was also based on the memoir of a Cambodian activist who was known as Loung Ung. This Jolie-directed show will feature how Ung has survived his life from the violence against Khmer Rouge regime.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Jolie and Ung have worked together in order to pen the script for the film.

Apart from Jolie, Rithy Pahn was also her partner in directing and producing for the movie. Meanwhile, Maddox, Jolie's son, has also served as the executive producer for the said project.

For the meantime, Jolie hasn't revealed any details yet about the upcoming show. Nevertheless, it has been learned that "First They Killed My Father" is set to premiere on Netflix by September 15.