"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans has been fighting her own mother, Barbara Evans, for custody of her oldest child, Jace, for years. The MTV star who has custody of her two other children, son Kaiser and daughter Ensley, wants her oldest son back, but Barbara isn't willingly to give him up. Finally, after years of fighting, Jenelle decided to take legal action to regain custody of Jace, and this week the case finally went before a judge, who ruled in a very surprising way.

Jenelle suffers a blow at custody hearing

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara faced off in court on Wednesday, but Jenelle's bid to get full custody of her son, Jace Evans, was unsuccessful.

Sadly, the "Teen Mom 2" star did not get full custody of her oldest son like she had hoped to do. The report reveals that while Jenelle didn't win full custody, she did earn more time with Jace. Instead, the MTV star and her mother will be sharing custody of Jace much like co-parents share custody of their children. The new deal may not be what Jenelle was hoping for, but it does give her one big advantage. Jenelle's mother Barbara will no longer get to pick and choose when Jenelle can see Jace, or withhold visitation from her. The new order ensures that Jenelle will get Jace on her designated days, and if Barbara fails to comply she could be looking at legal consequences.

MTV cameras were there to capture the drama

According to the report, Jenelle Evans was sick over not winning full custody of Jace. The "Teen Mom 2" star was reportedly in tears after leaving the North Carolina courthouse, and MTV cameras caught all of the drama before and after the custody ruling was handed down. However, the custody battle is far from over.

Jenelle will seemingly stop at nothing to regain full custody of her son, and will try again after the latest ruling has been in effect for a while.

Jenelle won't give up

"Teen Mom 2" fans have been watching Jenelle Evans struggle with not having her oldest son on a day-to-day basis, and Evans seemed confident that she would regain full custody of Jace from Barbara when the case finally went to court.

So, not leaving the courthouse with exactly what she wanted was likely a devastating blow for the MTV star. Luckily, Jenelle has her fiancé David Eason to help her through the tough times. The two got engaged earlier this year after welcoming their first child together, daughter Ensley Jolie Eason. What do you think about the custody ruling?