Jenelle Evans is currently planning the happiest day of her life as she has her wedding dress in her closet, her son's suit ready to go, and even has her future husband excited about their big day. However, Evans has revealed that things are still tense between herself and her mother, which is why she doesn't want to deal with the custody battle near her big day. On "Teen Mom 2" this week, Evans caught her mother drinking wine at a restaurant before getting in a car and driving with Jace. Evans wasn't sure if her son was alright, so she called the cops.

She was clearly concerned about her son's well-being, and she wanted to prove to the courts that Barbara was not in the right state of mind to care for him at that point in time.

According to a new report, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that things have not necessarily gotten better since that episode was filmed. Of course, Evans and Barbara have gone to court to deal with the custody situation, but Jenelle didn't win back custody. The judge did say that Jace should continue to live with Barbara, but she could not hold Jace away from his own mother. The judge reminded her that the goal was for Jace to go back to Jenelle.

Romantic details

These days, Jenelle Evans is planning the final details of her wedding to David Eason.

The wedding is set to take place on September 23, but Evans hasn't revealed too many details about their nuptials. Perhaps she doesn't want to reveal too much so her wedding day won't be ruined by "Teen Mom 2" fans. Evans has revealed that she is getting married, but details will probably be shared in a magazine after the nuptials have taken place.

This isn't the first wedding for Jenelle, but this may be the first time that she can truly plan a great wedding. When she got married to Courtland Rogers, it seemed to be rushed and not well-planned. These days Jenelle is planning her wedding as if this is the last wedding she is going to have. She does feel that she and David Eason can make it work in the long run, even though she doesn't have the best track record with relationships.

Barbara still fighting over Jace

As it turns out, Jenelle has not invited Barbara to her wedding. She recently opened up about why. She doesn't want to invite her mother as they aren't friends anymore. Jenelle revealed that she feels it would be odd to invite her mother, as she hasn't signed over the rights to Jace. It would be a fake invitation and Evans doesn't want to deal with it at her own wedding.

“I can't forgive someone that's just not going to give me back my son, so, and it's still going on. It hasn't been resolved. And if I had custody of him now maybe I would have invited her, but I'm not at the moment," Jenelle told Us Weekly.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans not inviting her mother to the wedding? Do you think she's right in leaving her mother out of the nuptials?