ColdPlay has a heart for Texas and Houston, and the band has brought love and song to the city many times in years past. Before the full brunt of Hurricane Harvey hit the nearby city of Rockport, leaving such a wake of pain and loss, Coldplay sided with caution. The band posted an announcement that a planned performance would be postponed, insisting that they could not put any fan or employee’s “safety at risk.” No one could predict just how great the storm's impact would be on the whole of public safety in the Houston area and beyond. The flooding rains that have kept fueling the slow-moving Harvey are predicted to force 30,000 people into shelters, and as of this morning, almost 4000 rescues have been performed.

Coldplay can’t be there for awhile fo lift countless downcast hearts, but from hundreds of miles away in Florida, the band created an emotional and original tribute to the sprawling city, and it's giving and resilient residents. Even the title is impromptu, but the feeling runs deeper than bayou waters.

Across the miles

Music expresses what mere words fail to convey, and its emotion transports hearts to a place of new beginnings and hope. Chris Martin has often made a mission of sharing his and his band’s talent and creativity for a greater purpose. Coldplay was among the major artists to rejoin Ariana Grande in Manchester for June’s One Love Manchester show. Anyone watching felt the power that was poured into every chorus in the hopeful ballad, “Fix You,” and their handful of other hits.

It was an evening of communal healing.

In July, Rob, a personal trainer who is wheelchair-bound, was hoisted above the crowd in Dublin, and brought to the stage by Chris Martin, joining his favorite band on harmonica for a forever-remembered duet that certainly qualifies as an “out of body” experience.

The situation in Houston is so heart-wrenching on so many different levels, and Chris Martin took to guitar, pen, and paper, to create a song that he pledged would only be performed once.

From Miami with love

The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami felt a hush as Martin took the stage for a powerful introduction. He described how “we all grew up loving country music,” and that the genre is “kind of what we think of when we go to Texas.” Coldplay then led into the “one-off” song called “Houston.”

The simple and pure verses echo genuine sentiment for the city that “sends you into space,” and purposely makes mention of Corpus Christi, Galveston, and Harris County.

What other band would be so thoughtful to show they really kept up with areas of impact? After a wish of “I hope you make it through the rain,” the tune turns to the positive pioneer spirit of the state, describing the harmony that rings through the region, and a promise that “we can’t wait to get back there again.” The tagline is likely too hard to think of at the moment, but the sun will return again, as will the strength and unity of Houston, which the song says “got to keep on keepin’ on.”

Coldplay can expect a Texas-sized welcome for their Houston return show.

The full lyrics of “Houston #1”

I'm dreamin' of when I get back to Houston

I'm dreamin' of that very special place.

I'm dreamin' of when Houston has no problems

In that city where they send you into space.

I'm dreamin' of when I get back to Texas

Corpus Christi, Harris County, Galveston.

There's a harmony that bonds down there in Houston

Oh, Houston, you got to keep on keepin' on.

From Miami, we are sending love to Houston

We're praying that you make it through the rain.

I know nothing's gonna break the will of Houston

Oh, how we can't wait to go down there again.

I am dreamin' of when I get back to Texas