"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans is opening up about her relationship with her oldest son, Jace, whom she does not have custody of. Jenelle recently admitted that she's been hiding something from little Jace in an attempt to protect him from some emotional pain. Evans says that Jace recently asked her why he couldn't live with her full-time, which is where his younger brother and sister, Kaiser and Ensley, live, as well as Evans' fiance, David Eason.

Jenelle says that she told Jace he would hopefully be living with her full-time by this summer. However, that won't be the case, as Evans and her mother, Barbara, recently went to court to fight for custody of Jace, and Jenelle didn't get what she wanted.

Jenelle says that she doesn't want to tell Jace too much about the custody fight in order to protect his feelings and not put him in the middle. However, because the feud has been captured by MTV cameras, Jace will someday know the impact of his mother and grandmother's battle for him.

Jenelle's battle for Jace

As many "Teen Mom 2" fans know, Jenelle Evans gave up custody of Jace to her mother, Barbara, when he was a baby due to her erratic lifestyle, legal issues, and drug abuse issues. However, Jenelle has come a long way in the past seven years. She has cleaned up her act, settled her legal issues, and is currently caring for her other two children. Yet, Barbara doesn't want to return custody of Jace to Jenelle.

The MTV star finally had enough and sued her mother for custody. However, earlier this week, Jenelle was heartbroken when a judge did not give her full custody of her child. Instead, a co-parenting plan was worked out for Jenelle and Barbara, and the two will share custody of little Jace for now.

Will the MTV star and her mother ever work things out?

Barbara and Jenelle settled on a custody schedule that allows them to share time with Jace. The new Order grants Jenelle specific periods of time with Jace so that Barbara no longer has the authority to determine if and when Jenelle can spend time with her son, Evans' lawyer, Heather D.

Kaemmer, told People Magazine after the custody hearing.

Meanwhile, Evans says that she and her mother rarely talk to each other anymore, unless they need to discuss something that is happening in Jace's life. Evans says that if she tries to have a conversation with her mother they usually just end up arguing, and so she has decided to keep her distance as much as possible from Barbara. Some fans are even wondering if Jenelle will invite Barbara to her upcoming wedding this fall.