Jenelle Evans has changed quite a bit over the past couple of years, as this "Teen Mom 2" star used to share just about anything on social media. Jenelle had plenty of drama in her life just a couple of years ago when she was married to Courtland Rogers, as he was clearly struggling with a drug problem.

Whenever something happened in her life in relation to her romance, she would write about it on Twitter. One day she would say that she was in the best relationship possible, and other days she would air his dirty laundry to get back at him because he had hurt her.

Fans always knew what was going on in her life and it was quite entertaining to follow at times. But Jenelle's life has completely changed these days and she's no longer as active on social media as she used to be.

Distancing herself from social media

In fact, she is now encouraging everyone in her life to avoid to use social media to share personal drama. The man she's dating, David Eason, doesn't even have social media. However, it sounds like Jenelle is using social media for something positive these days as she is promoting her new book and sharing updates about her children. After this week's episode of "Teen Mom 2" aired on MTV, Jenelle's ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith decided to call out David and the discussions he had with Jenelle on the show.

As it turns out,

As it turns out, David can't understand why Nathan isn't making more of an effort to see his son Kaiser. The custody battle between Evans and Nathan has been ongoing for quite some time and despite Jenelle trying to make time for Nathan to see his son, it sounds like he prefers to work out at the gym rather than spend time with his son.

When Griffith does have Kaiser, he is constantly showing pictures on social media to show people how much time he gets with his son. So when Nathan hears that David has something to say about him as a father, he doesn't like it. On Twitter, Griffith decided to call out Eason for the things he said about him on "Teen Mom 2" but since David doesn't have social media he can't defend himself.

Defending her future husband

Instead, Jenelle Evans is now defending her future husband in relation to her ex-boyfriend, revealing that Nathan should stop sharing personal matters on the Internet. It is very interesting that Jenelle is encouraging Nathan to step away from social media, considering she used to be so active on social media and sharing her personal issues. She called out her ex-husband numerous times and even used it to make Nathan look bad when they were dating. It sounds like she has changed, and now she wants other people to follow suit. One has to wonder if Nathan will take her advice to heart.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans asking Nathan to stop sharing their personal matters on social media?