bethenny frankel has some exciting news to share. Earlier this year, Bethenny filmed an episode of "Shark Tank" where she had the opportunity to invest in other entrepreneurs and their genius ideas. It is no secret that the show has made the sharks millions of dollars, as they are great at spotting a good deal and investing it in when they see one. The premise of the show is that entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors so they can start making money and help boost their business to new levels.

Bethenny, of "The Real Housewives of New York City" fame, has already managed to create her very own empire when she launched her alcoholic drink, Skinnygirl Margarita.

Bethenny revealed that she had been asked several times to film "Shark Tank" but had turned it down. This year, however, she was ready to film the show – and now she's excited for fans to see if she invested in any of the ideas she was presented with. Of course, Bethenny is already busy outside of her popular business.

Another reality show

She's currently filming a real estate show with the "Million Dollar Listing New York" star Fredrik Eklund. According to Bravo, the premise of this new reality show is that Bethenny and Fredrik buy real estate in New York and then flip it for a profit. Bravo producers thought this would be a great venture to capture, so they decided to make it into a show. As for "Shark Tank," it appears to only be a one-time appearance, as other rich entrepreneurs and celebrities were on the show as well.

Bethenny reveals that she will be the only guest star on that particular episode of "Shark Tank." She thinks that if they added more celebrities in one episode it would become something else. "I don't think they would put two guests on at the same time because then it would become 'Celebrity Apprentice'," Bethenny quipped at the time.

They might have chosen her to be featured on the show because her business experience and building something from the ground up has been a real and authentic journey.

Authentic entrepreneur

One can imagine that the producers of "Shark Tank" want to keep the premise as authentic as possible, which is wealthy and smart entrepreneurs investing in the small business owner.

Bethenny may have sympathy with the young entrepreneur struggling to make it work, as she herself used to be unable to pay her rent in New York City. Now, she is buying million-dollar real estate in the Big Apple and she is living a great life.

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel's decision to film "Shark Tank?" Are you surprised that she's willing to help the struggling entrepreneur turn their businesses around?