Jenelle Evans is always throwing a fit about something. If it isn't her mother Barbara, it is how MTV editing makes her look like a bad mom. She is constantly complaining that things are being done to make her look bad, playing the victim in almost every situation.

While it is true that Jenelle Evans has come a long way, she still has some things she needs to resolve. The "Teen Mom 2" reunion was taped several weeks ago and is set to air tonight. According to All About the Tea, Jenelle will be storming off stage after butting heads with her mom.

This is typical behavior for her, as it has happened at almost every single reunion taping.

Why is Jenelle upset?

The "Teen Mom 2" reunion was taped a week after the last episode was filmed. This was right in the middle of the big argument she had with Barbara about not filming with her and how she just wants her son, Jace back. This has been an on-going battle, one that still isn't over. Rumor has it that Dr. Drew brought up the custody case and that is when the problems between the Evans women started to heat up.

Her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars were upset at the way she acted. Leah Messer reportedly was annoyed because this is what she gets paid to do. It looks like some issues with Evans won't change and if they don't, MTV could terminate her contract.

She also neglected to appear on the "Teen Mom 2" live show this season. Evans flew to California to appear but didn't end up attending because she was arguing with her mother again. She was trolled hard for not showing up, and leaving her newborn daughter back home for nothing.

Will Jenelle ever grow up?

Fans are upset that Jenelle doesn't follow through on anything she has to do.

While there are a few that take up for her, she is one of the most disliked moms in the franchise. Now that David Eason is in the picture she has been more dependable but when it comes to filming anything with her mom, she flakes out.

The "Teen Mom 2" reunion airs tonight on MTV. Aside from Jenelle Evans storming out, there will be more drama with the other cast members you won't want to miss!