Leah Messer has struggled over the past couple of years as she has been married and divorced twice. It is no secret that Messer wanted a marriage to work with Jeremy Calvert, but she was struggling emotionally with a couple of things. While filming, she was exhausted, and she struggled to stay awake. She also hinted that she might be suffering from some postpartum depression and the pills that her doctor had prescribed to her caused her to fall asleep.

As she was filming "Teen Mom 2" fans started questioning whether she had a drug problem, as she was passing out in front of the cameras and not being very attentive with her girls.

It turned out to be a mixture of drugs for Leah who wanted to do better for her children. Despite the chances that Messer may lose custody of her twin girls, Leah decided to go to treatment, and she got some tools to help her through her depression and anxiety.

These days, Leah is single, and she seems like she's focused on her future. On "Teen Mom 2" Leah announced that she would be going back to school now that her daughters are in school as well. She felt that this was the perfect time for her to get an education so she could provide for her kids going forward. Of course, Messer has earned money from starring on the show, as MTV has provided funds and salaries for the girls throughout the seasons.

An inspiration to others

Throughout the time she has been filming, MTV has supposedly created college funds for all of the children involved with the show, so Leah doesn't have to worry about money in the future. This was something Chelsea DeBoer's father revealed on Twitter once. So while Leah doesn't have to worry there, she wants to go back to school to set an example for her kids.

It sounds like a great time for her to get her education and it turns out that her actions are inspiring others.

On Twitter, one person reached out to her revealing that she had touched this fan's heart as she could relate to the situation.

The fan wrote that she was a single mother and had been in and out of college for six years. Leah is not the only mother struggling to get an education while raising children. As for Leah, she reveals that as long as you are moving forward in the right direction, then you're on the path to success. This seems to be her personal mantra as she works hard to complete her college courses.

Second 'Teen Mom' star to get a degree?

One can imagine that her co-star Kailyn Lowry was a huge inspiration to Leah, as she has just wrapped up her college degree in Delaware. Lowry can now get a job after she is done taking care of her third son. One has to wonder if she will continue to stay in school and stay until her schooling is complete.

What are you think about Leah Messer inspiring other young mothers to go to school?