Jay Z and Kanye West have been feuding with one another since 2016 and it appears that there is no sign of their battle ending. The feud began when Kanye West suffered a mental breakdown on stage and publicly attacked Jay Z and his family on stage. West then checked himself into a hospital and Jay Z released a track titled "4.44" which fans claim was a dig at West.

Jay Z reveals what pushed him over the edge

According to E! News, Jay Z has opened up in an interview with Rap Radar Podcast about the ongoing feud between him and fellow artist Kanye West.

Jay Z has revealed that the feud began when Kayne West went into a rage onstage during one of his concerts and attacked both Jay Z and his family.

Kanye West was in the middle of his Saint Pablo tour when he suffered a major mental breakdown, which led to him making some accusations about Beyoncé. West claimed that Beyoncé refused to perform at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards unless her music video beat Kayne West and Drake in the category for the Video of the Year.

Jay Z revealed that this rant hurt him personally, as he stated that Kanye West bashed him publicly on stage. The star revealed what really pushed him over the edge was Kanye West bringing his family into his rant and stated that this was not the actions of a friend.

Jay Z claims that Kanye was like a little brother to him and stated that they have gotten past bigger issues in the past.

However, Jay Z has stated that once his family was brought into the situation he knew that he could not just back down. Jay Z claims that Kanye West has crossed a line and that he knows he has crossed a line.

He has stated that this is the reason why they have not resolved this issue between them as in the past they never let this much time go between them during an argument before.

Jay Z has responded to the lyrics in his song '4.44'

According to Metro, Jay Z has stated that sometimes he and Kayne play politics too much and that they lose sight of what is important.

He claimed that while the pair has been known to make jabs at each other in the past that this was not his intention with his track titled "4.44."

He claimed that the lyrics in the song are not directed at Kanye West and that he is actually talking about himself in the song. Jay Z has claimed that the proof is in the song as he talks about dropping out of school however, he has agreed that he should not have made the comment about the $20 million dollars. He claimed that he went too far but it appears that he feels this is not his problem to fix.

Kanye West has not commented on Jay Z's claims and fans are wondering if the pair will ever be friends again.