A new Jay-Z and Beyonce Album called "4:44" could be on the way based on some recent clues dropping. It was said that various "4:44" fliers and signs began appearing throughout the streets of NYC and in subways. People have also been posting social media pics of strange billboards around New York with these numbers on them and nothing else. Adding to the excitement is the fact that other artists have also teased involvement with the project. Here's the latest on what the album may be as well as where and when the release date could come.

What is the new album?

The theory going around is that since the clues involve "4:44" that this album may not just be a Jay-Z album but also involve his wife Beyonce in the project. As the website Heavy has indicated in a recent report, the duo was married on April 4th, meaning it was the fourth day of the fourth month. In addition, both of these music stars were born on the fourth day of a month. Beyonce's fourth solo album was called "4" and the hip-hop power couple each have "IV" tattoos that match. Those clues seem to show the number is going to be involved in this in some way.

If this truly is a Jay-Z and Beyonce collaborative project, it wouldn't be the first time they have teamed up, although it would make the first time they did so for a full album.

The two have previously starred together on individual songs featured on some of their different solo albums. Examples include "Crazy In Love" which was one of Beyonce's first big solo hits, and Jay-Z's track "Bonnie & Clyde 03'."

There may be other guests featured on tracks on the new project as well. At least two artists who have teased the "4:44" on social media are producer Swizz Beatz, and Jay's good pal from the Roc-a-fella Record days, Memphis Bleek.

While Swizz put up a photo on Instagram showing him and Jay-Z hanging out, Bleek simply posted a "4:44" just like the other billboard-type clues.

New album release date

The biggest mystery of them all is exactly when will this new album drop. There is no official release date given anywhere. Most people have been expecting it to arrive once the clock hits 4:44 Eastern Time.

However, that could be morning or night. It could also just refer to the album's title, and it will release at midnight or during the day.

The expectation is that when the new Jay-Z and Beyonce album does finally arrive it will be available exclusively in one place first. That will be the Tidal streaming music service which Jay-Z owns a stake in and will look to promote his service with the brand new project.

It's possible that once Tidal has had the first streaming and availability of this new music, that other digital download places such as iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play will also have the album, but maybe at a later date.

By the way, if the "4:44" is something Jay-Z was involved in, hats off to him once again on his ability to cause a buzz in a day and age when MTV no longer shows music videos, and hip-hop stars can sell their own albums online.