"Big Brother 19" fans have seen Paul Abrahamian take control of the houseguests and have them do his dirty work all summer. Christmas Abbott has been solidly by his side from the very beginning. Having won the Head Of Household competition and the Jury forming, will she make a move that will carry her further in the game or will she continue to stand with Team Paul?

The following contains "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut, stop reading now.

Having won the Head of Household, Christmas put the plan of Team Paul in place.

She nominated two of their own, Jason and Matt. When the Power of Veto was played, Christmas had a houseguest's choice and selected Raven Walton instead of Alex to take a spot in the game. While that raised a few eyebrows, it worked out alright when Jason won the POV. He will, of course, remove himself from the block and give Christmas her chance to backdoor someone.

Is it too late for Mark?

The plan is to put Mark on the block and backdoor him. He sees it coming and is actively trying to offer up a better plan. Mark approached Christmas to suggest a final three deal that would keep Christmas, Josh, and himself safe. Christmas has no idea that Paul has had that same conversation with Alex about the two of them and Jason making the final three.

She thinks she is Paul's ride or die in "Big Brother 19" and he would take her to the Final Two. Going by "Joker's Updates," it appears she is standing by Paul as she tells Mark she will think about it, but her body language says no way.

Paul has led the game. Every eviction, every target, every strategy has included Paul at a minimum, but he has been the puppet master of most.

Christmas and the rest of the houseguests are under his spell and blindly follow. They are paving his way to the "Big Brother 19" win and removing his obstacles for him.

Love him or hate him, he is playing the game.

Fans of "Big Brother 19" have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the "BB18" vet. While there is a group that is sick of the Paul show, there are those that see he is actually outplaying every other houseguest that has been in the game.

His strategy was friendship last year but he is more of a villain this season. When someone gets on his radar, he chugs uphill to get the rest of the house to target them. In the meantime, the few conversations the others have had about getting Paul out always ends with them thinking they won't have the votes.

If someone doesn't take a shot at Paul soon, they will begin to see how ruthless he can really be as he has to start doing his own dirty work eliminating those who helped him make it so far.