Jake Paul has recently released a video in which he talks about his recent behavior and the consequences of his actions. The star explains how he was fired from Disney and is facing a lawsuit from his neighbors and goes on to claim how unfair this is in nature. He accepts that he was acting immature but claims that as no one was hurt it is not fair that the media and the authorities are targeting him.

The YouTuber has opened up about his recent behavior

According to the Hollywood Reporter, YouTuber Jake Paul has opened up about his recent behavior and the media attention that has been on him over the past few months.

Paul has stated that looking back on his behavior he can understand why his neighbors were unhappy with living near him and even went as far as filing a civil suit against him.

Paul took part in a series of pranks for his YouTube channel, which was both a danger to his own life and the lives of his neighbors. He set furniture on fire, which caused fumes nearly resulting in the death of an elderly woman who lived nearby. He also released the exact address of his home causing the area to be flooding with screaming fans.

KTLA sent a team over to the YouTuber's home to try to determine whether the claims against him were proven true. It appears that everything the neighbors had been complaining about proved to be true and Jake Paul was consequently cut from his Disney Chanel series titled "Bizaardvark."

In a report by Teen Vogue, Jake Paul revealed that Disney was watching his YouTube videos as the star was becoming edgier with his content and believes that this was the reason the company fired him.

Paul claims that he received several phone calls from Disney about the content on his YouTube channel and claimed that the company was targeting him because he was making money from YouTube.

Paul does not realize the extent of the damage he has called

According to Teen Vogue, Jake Paul has announced that the police and fire department has banned him from filming any more videos in his home.

Paul claims that this is unfair as he and his friend are not even that loud when they are making videos but that they are going to respect the wishes of the authority figures.

It is clear that Paul still does not realize the extent of the damage he has caused both to his own career and to his neighbors. The star stated that while he did set furniture on fire no one was hurt and the public has criticized him for his flippant attitude towards the safety and health of those around him.

Paul explained that he now needs permits to be able to film in his home and that he will simply be taking his camera elsewhere. The public is concerned about where Jake Paul will take his pranks next as it is only a matter of time before the YouTuber injuries someone.

Jake Paul has not made any further comments about the situation and fans are wondering how long it will be before the star finds himself in even more trouble.