According to Vanity Fair, YouTuber Jake Paul has been fired from Disney. The former Disney star was working with the company on a show called "Bizaardvark". While statements have been released from each side and show a rather amicable split there is another side to the story. Jake Paul has received a flood of negative attention over the past couple of months due to his immature behavior. The Disney Channel decided that they no longer wanted to be in association with the YouTuber and hence fired him from the show.

Disney released a statement about the incident

News of Jake Paul and his split from Disney spread rapidly around the internet thanks to the star's thousands of followers. This prompted Disney to make a statement in regards to their decision to part ways with the YouTuber. Disney has stated that both the company and Jake Paul himself agreed that Paul will be leaving his role. The former Disney Channel star also decided to release his own statement to the public.

According to Billboard, Jake Paul released a message to his fans on social media about his decision to leave the show. Jake states that it was a decision made by both him and his team at Disney that he should step away from his Disney family and move on in his ventures.

He painted a fond picture of him time working with fellow cast members on the show "Bizaardvark" and has said that the last two years have been great. Paul goes on to state that he wants to work on growing his brand and business on YouTube where he already has 9 million subscribers.

The YouTuber has been up to some questionable antics

According to Newswire, the decision made for Jake Paul to leave the show was made by Disney. They found out about some of the YouTubers antics which were making life incredibly difficult for his neighbors. He films different videos at his home including some with dangerous stunt work.

An example of this was dumping furniture into a pool and setting the furniture on fire. The YouTuber also shared his exact address with his fans causing them to come rushing to the neighborhood. He has made life for his neighbors a living hell.

It is clear that Disney did not want to be associated with Jake Paul. The Disney Channel is aimed towards a young and impressionable audience and Jake Paul is not the kind of role model that the Channel associates themselves with. When asked for further comment on the decision for Paul to leave Disney have not made any further statements.