Hugh Hefner’s 25-year-old son, Cooper Hefner, said in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter that his father is struggling physically. Hugh's health has become an issue as he got older. Aside from that, Cooper also talked about what his plans are regarding the planned revamp of #Playboy Magazine.

Although it is tough for him to watch his father struggle, Cooper said he is still happy that it is just physical and not mental. Hugh is now 91.

People magazine reported that Cooper shared more about his father having a bad back, which is why he does not leave the mansion that much.

Hugh himself joked that if one's house is a mansion, why would he or she ever want to leave.The Playboy mogul continues to live at the Playboy mansion, which he sold for $100 million last year.

Cooper talks plans for Playboy

Cooper, the Youngest Son of Hugh, also talked about his plans for revamping Playboy for his generation. He recently became the chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprises and he noted that creating something that will resonate with his generation as well as the generation that will come after is how he will “measure my accomplishments.”

He revealed that although the E! show “Girls Next Door” was able to get the attention of a younger audience, it did not do a great job in terms of showing that Playboy is “both playful and sophisticated.” The reality series lasted for six seasons and focused on Hugh’s life inside the mansion with his former girlfriends Bridget Marquardt, Holly Madison, and Kendra Wilkinson Baskett.

In 2015, the head of Playboy, then Scott Flanders, decided to no longer publish nudes for the magazine’s cover. Cooper then left the company over the issue and did not return for 18 months. He noted that nudity was never the problem but how it was presented.

Cooper shares similarities with father

Although Cooper does not identify with Hugh in terms of womanizing, he said that he and his father share similarities in terms of politics and their stance regarding armed forces.

Cooper getting help from older sister

He also talked about getting help from his half-sister, Christie, who ran the company for 20 years. Cooper said she is the one who can relate most to the situation.

As for his older brother, 27-year-old Marston, Cooper said although they were tapped to be a team in running Playboy, it seems that Marston’s heart is not in it. Since 2012, Cooper has been out of the public eye due to a domestic violence issue.