A watchdog group just accused actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle company, Goop, of deceptive and unsubstantiated marketing claims. The actress’ company then released a statement as a response to the accusation.

The watchdog group, called Truth In Advertising, Inc., filed the complaint against the actress’ company in California’s Food, Drug, and Medical Device Task Force.

What the watchdog group alleges

The watchdog group’s executive director, Bonnie Patten, said in a statement that Goop’s deceptive marketing targets a “very vulnerable population who are desperate to treat, cure, prevent certain ailments,” ABC News reported.

Patten also noted that such deceptive marketing shows that the company puts “profits over people.”

Truth in Advertising, Inc. first contacted Goop

Goop has a website, which showcases their products and descriptions of the items they sell. Truth in Advertising then started to investigate the company’s products due to their belief that the company has made “inappropriate marketing claims.” They reportedly collected around 50 false claims made by the company.

Initially, Truth in Advertising, Inc. sent a letter to Goop earlier this year asking for a meeting with them to talk about changing the content of the company’s website. Goop did grant the group’s request.

What products were cited by the watchdog group

Some of the products cited by the watchdog group include the crystal harmonics, which Goop claimed could be used for infertility and the rose flower essence tincture that could be used for depression.

The other products are the black rose bar for psoriasis, the wearable stickers that could be used to help someone with anxiety issues, and “vitamin D3 for cancer.”

Goop responds

According to Perez Hilton, the company released a statement saying that they are receptive to feedback and they responded promptly to the watchdog group’s request.

Goop also said they were willing to meet with the group but they already made “threats under arbitrary deadlines” that the company did not find reasonable.

Goop representatives also noted that although the claims of the watchdog group were unsubstantiated and unfounded, they will still evaluate their products and content as well as make improvements that they believe are necessary for the interest of their customers.

Goop was founded in 2008 as a newsletter for the friends of Paltrow. It originally contained travel-related posts, shops, and recipes. Goop is now a lifestyle brand that stemmed from Paltrow’s meetings with experts who have mentored her.