Trouble in paradise? Although former "Girls Next Door" star's vacation makes look like it's all fun in the sun, Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett may not be having as good a time as she appears to be. Although she has since deleted her post, apparently the Instagram trolls were out to play in the comments section and she took the time to speak out against them in a new post.

"Wow by my last post I just exposed all you sick f**ks. Sexualizing a child is NOT ok. Even I you said, what are you thinking posting that? YOU are just as bad as a pedo," Kendra said in the caption of a new selfie of herself that she posted after deleting the offending image.

"All you people living in your cages, sit the f**k down and re think life."

Fans aren't entirely sure what Kendra was sounding off about in the post, but it's believed that people were sexualizing a photo of her daughter at the beach. If this is the case, then it's completely understandable why Kendra would feel the need to speak out.

The trolls didn't stop Kendra from posting other pictures and obviously enjoying her vacation, though. She posted another picture of herself and her husband at the beach with the caption, "Time to get lei'd." It's good to see that Kendra isn't letting people's comments get to her.

Sticking to her reality roots

Kendra is no stranger to the small screen and the Reality TV scene.

She first made her break on E!'s series "The Girls Next Door" about what life was like in the Playboy Mansion as one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends. Since the show ended, fans were excited that she got her own spinoff show, simply titled "Kendra" so they could still watch her every week. Then, after she left the E! Network, she got a second show on WE TV called "Kendra on Top."

Shows of her own aren't all that Kendra has up her sleeve.

Fans were excited to hear she would also be starring on another show with her estranged mother. When the show was first announced, it was unclear exactly what it would be about. Fans weren't sure whether to expect a show about the two of them possibly reuniting or what, but it was still an exciting announcement for people who follow Kendra and her family.

Who is going to feature in the show?

Since the show is set to premiere soon, there are more details about who is going to be featured on it. Reality TV fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere because there are going to be several people on the show, but two of the biggest names include Farrah Abraham from "Teen Mom OG" and Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett from "Girls Next Door" and "Kendra On Top." The show will premiere on WE TV on April 28th, so it's safe to say that Kendra is on a much-needed vacation before the show and, of course, the drama starts.