"Once Upon a Time" will be returning this October, and the fairy tale drama will be looking very different from what we have seen already. Although our favorites Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, and Jared Gilmore have left the show, we already have the scoop on the new stars heading into Storybrooke.

The show revolved around the Charmings and the Savior and how they were determined to always save Storybrooke and their family from some sort of evil force. After they left, fans are curious to see the direction that the show will have in this upcoming season.

After 6 years of plot twists on a classic fairy tale, the show runners have decided to put a twist on another classic Disney fairy tale, Cinderella.

Henry is now grown up, and from the teaser that we saw in the last seconds of the season 6 finale, he has a daughter named Lucy and an adventure waiting for him. He will be played by the actor Andrew J. West and his daughter by Allison Hernandez.

Who is the new Cinderella?

Cinderella is the new fairytale that will be put through an adventurous ride in Season 7 of "Once Upon a Time." She will be played by the actress Dania Ramirez, who was Rosy in Devious Maids. Alongside her is the evil step-mother Gabrielle Anwar and the wicked step-sister Adelaide Kane.

She will have a different origin story than the one we are used to. It will be shown what happens when she takes matters into her own hands and does not wait anymore for a prince to come and rescue her. We will witness a whole new Cinderella grace the screen of "Once Upon a Time" and the heart of Henry Mills.

How will this affect the show?

The executive producer Adam Horowitz stated that despite all the changes in the show, the main focus of this season will be Henry and Cinderella's Love Story. What the show runners want to recreate is the same feelings that the audience experienced with Snow White and Prince Charming, and Emma Swan and Captain Hook.

In this season it will be shown how they met each other and fell in love, and not how they will manage to find each other again in Seattle.

They will be toning down the magic in the present-day version of the show in order to make a steep contrast with the magic-filled atmosphere of the fairy tale world. For example, magic was present in the pilot episode where the stopped clock ticked. However, they will return to the normalcy of reality. Furthermore, they are trying to infuse even more emotion into the stories that will be portrayed in the upcoming season.